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Inspiration: Battling Headwinds for Sustainability

Over the past two weeks, readers across Mandalah’s social media channels were most inspired by ways to reorganise society and economy to reach sustainability goals. Historically, emissions increase has been coupled with economic development. And this link has been a persistent problem in the fight against climate change. But a new report from the World Resource…

Mandalah’s internal innovations: Our road to holacracy

One year ago Mandalah Europe began a transition to a more experimental and iterative model of working. We implemented a host of rituals and structures inspired by Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organisations, including a role marketplace, collective governance meetings, as well as internal workshops and community building experiences. And now, after growing into these new models…

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We work with organizations on projects that improve the status quo, have a positive impact, and bridge profit with purpose. Our services broadly fall into the following areas.


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Creating an Ambidextrous Organisation

Client: Danone

Organisational ambidexterity is the ability to simultaneously pursue both incremental and breakthrough innovation. Organisations that are able to balance these activities are associated with increased levels of innovation, better financial performance and higher survival rates. However, ambidexterity is not easy to achieve, as it requires different structures, processes and cultures to co-exist within the same organisation. Aguas Danone Argentina (ADA) contacted Mandalah to help with this challenge, designing new methods and systems to improve both incremental and breakthrough innovation activities.

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